Saturday, April 17, 2021

2021 Update

 It's been a looooong while, with Covid and all taking 2020 and shoving it down the toilet.

Thankfully, the family weathered 2020 well enough.  I also did manage to do a few things to the Alfa, like:

  • Replace the motor mounts
  • Fix a leaky VVT (it helps if you install an O ring seal)
  • Rebuilt the driveshaft and center bearing
  • Replaced the exhaust system
  • Rebuilt the front suspension
But those haven't been long jobs, though the front suspension was a bear after 35 years of neglect.

With the rebuilt suspension, Lola drives pretty well.  It's not 2021 standard ride quality, but not too bad.  It is a bit jouncy / reactive over bumps and I am not sure what to look into next.  She drives straight, stops straight (enough - brakes will eventually need doing), and runs quite well with good power.

My next task is to replace the transmission mount and start some cosmetic work, like pulling dents and dings and touching up the paint.

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